with live performance of Jeroen Zijlstra Band / Golondrinas / Thomas Geerts

Date: 16 mei 2016, 20:30  - 23:00

Location: Pllek TT Neveritaweg 59 | 1033 WB Amsterdam | 020 - 2900 020

Entrée: € 8,50,-

Tickets online:

In the music-documentary Water-Dessert you will listen to wonderful stories about the waterflood of 1916 told on our special 'storytell-chair' in the landscape of Waterland. You’ll feel the storm with trumpet sounds over the water and with beautiful goosebumps songs performed in the landscape by Jeroen Zijlstra and band, Golondrinas and Thomas Geerts.

Actual projects:

2015-2016 Tightrope - a search for balance on dizzy height

Onno van Swigchem – concept and composition
Miranda van der Spek – film and live image-improvisation
De Bende van Drie – music

Tightrope is a performance with live interaction between music and image, inspired by the story of Philippe Petit who walked on rope on 800 m height between the Twin Towers in 1973.

In a very intimate setting, Onno, de Bende van drie and Miranda were able to create an atmosphere that was compelling and clearly held the audience’s attention from beginning to end. An atmosphere was created where time stood still! Nathalie Caris, former dancer of National Ballet / teacher at the National Ballet Academy

The performance ensures that the images of the tightrope Walker and the music complement each other, it creates magic that fascinates you till the end. All our guests were very excited. Marja van Strien, Paul Mertens, concert organizers at Bananenpakhuis and Kunst in de Kamer, Gouda

2016 Buddhism from the Netherlands

Short film made for the exhibition THE BUDDHA in Museum van Wereldculturen Leiden and Amsterdam

Upcoming projects

2016  S.O.S. rhythm of the Amazon

A documentary about the Brazilian percussionist Simone Sou. Her career in the Dutch music scene, and her source of inspiration: the Amazon. With live music composition performed in Amazon nature.

Last projects:

2015 INSOLO clip: dance performance

Jori Meijer and Kathrien Broug

2015 Good Way clip music studiorecording

zang/tekst: Jori Meijer, beatbox: Quincy Ignacia, percussie: Marnix Lenselink

2012 - 2014: DoReMixMax - On the traces of slavery past through music

An educational program about the history of slavery as told by FREVO music and dance from Pernambuco, Brazil. With films made in Brazil, Angola and the Netherlands:

2010 - 2011: Worth repeating a documentary about music in Cameroon,

commissioned by , for the World Minimal Music Festival 2011

Volkskrant: ‘…'Een fluit in zijn eentje klinkt niet goed', zegt een van de leden van de Ouldémé-stam in Voor herhaling vatbaar. In  deze fascinerende documentaire portretteert Miranda van der Spek een nog ongerepte muziekcultuur in Kameroen …. Het is minimale muziek avant la lettre en daarom is de film de perfecte opening van het World Minimal Music Festival...’

2009: Travelling Music, three documentaries about the accordion, the ukelele and brass instruments - for the exhibition Music World, Tropical Museum Amsterdam.